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1.How to cancel password of online check- in procedure?

Use notepad to open Attcheckin.dat under catalogue of procedure installation: LastCheckTime = 37935.4607619213, WaintingUploadUsers=NJY2DQ050TkNcg==, AdminUser=111.


2.How to cancel the password of the fingerprint Admin procedure?

Open Att2000.mdb database, secondly, open USERINFO form, then you will see there is a line in USERID, (How many Admins there are ,how many the line there will be), then delete it. Thirdly, Setup the value of Privilege in UserInfo to 0.


3.When I connect the Fingerprint scanner to PC, why is there no response of CheckIn Procedure?

Please check whether or not there is a pop up ”no license” on the right of the CheckIn procedure .If  there is, please contact us.


4.When I open Checkin program, it shows: “Couldn’t find uru sensor which connect to PC” or “There is no useable license”.

Please confirm that you connected the uru sensor, then check whether or not there is a “Biometric” tab in the device manager, then check whether or not there is “Biokey 200 Fingerprint Reader by ZKSoftware Inc. under Biometric.If there is no such info, maybe be URU couldn’t be connected or the terminal’s usb is broken, please try another PC. If usb port of the terminal isn’t faulty, your uru is broken, please contact us. If there are above info, there is no license of this uru, please contact us.


5.Why does my PC hang when loading the CheckIn program?

The driver of the uru scanner might be faulty. Please uninstall and reinstall the driver. To fully uninstall the driver please use the following steps:
1. Run the “add/delete” procedure on control panel, uninstall driver of Fingerprint scanner;
2. Run “Regedit.exe” in “Run” then delete the following: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software\ DigitalPersona;
3. Delete DP*.dll under Windows\system;
4. Delete Program files\DigitalPersona.


6.After upgrading the T&A system, the employee couldn’t verify when CheckIn, how to solve this problem?

When installing the fingerprint scanner driver procedure, you need to write in a 16 digit number, if you don’t write in 1234567890123456,pls prepare HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\DigitalPersona in Regedit.exe.


7.How to upgrade version 1.6 to 1.8?(How to upgrade U. R. U2000 to U. R. U4000)

a. At first, please backup Key of which install the driver. Backup method: open Regedit, then choose “[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Digital Persona]”,click “files” in the menu -> “export…”,then export the regedit to files. it is important to update the version. If you operate it incorrectly it will lead to incompatible for the fingerprint temples of U. R. U2000/U. R. U4000;
b. after backup, uninstall old driver, restart Pc and install Biokey200/U. R. U4000 driver
c. output backup Regedit file to Regedit. finish upgrading driver;
d. download upgrade-program of online T&A software, then install it to catalogue which you used now, system will give a hint whether or not cover original files;
e. finish upgrading.


8.How to modify the interface of the online T&A software?

Please refer to the ATTFACE.DOC file under the subdirectory of the T&A software.


9.When I right click there is no way to change the interface, how to solve this problem?

Open the attchecin.dat file under the catalogue of T&A procedure, find the ModifyFace setting from 0 to 1,save and ESC.

1.How to set the vacancy in a Time zone?

Directly input 0 and save.


2.How to set “whether use time zone or not”?

When all users' time zone is 0, the display of "whether use time zone" should be "Yes".


3.How to set the Wiegand output?

Wiegand 26: with Device ID: PeeeeeeeeEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOP
Checking Bit:E :even, O:odd, e Device ID,E UserID.


4.What baud rate is suitable for a RS485 connection?

We still recommend 38400 for it.


5.How to change the language of the software interface?

The default language of our software is simple Chinese, tradition Chinese and English .The files which to the software to are zkemnetman.chs, zkemnetman.cht, zkemnetman.en. Please change the zkemnetman.en file if you want to change English into other language.

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